Enjoy Israel, Have Fun and Learn Jewish Wisdom
It’s hard to believe what you’ll accomplish in just seventeen days on your JLE trip.  You’ll enjoy exciting classes on the timeless wisdom of your tradition from world-renowned rabbis and fun guided tours of Israel’s top sites from expert guides.  You’ll marvel at your new impressive perspective.  

A very limited number of scholarships are available for participants nominated by their campus rabbis.  Once accepted, the program is free for qualifying students from select campuses.
Trip 1: May 20 - June 4; Trip 2: June 23 - July 8
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Jewish Learning
The Glassman Jewish Learning Exchange was the first peer-based Jewish learning program of  its kind, and is still considered the premier Introductory program.  For more than thirty years, the JLE has offered Jewish men from diverse backgrounds and affiliations an opportunity to explore Israel and what it means to be Jewish. On JLE, you will engage in a vibrant excursion through contemporary and classical Jewish thought. Importantly, you will take this journey in a warm and open environment with top students from campuses all over world. JLE participants build lifelong friendships and become part of an exclusive alumni network.  For a detailed list of classes offered in the JLE, click here.

Touring Israel
The JLE is famous for its extensive touring program ranging from half day & full day expeditions around Jerusalem to 3 day tours up to the Golan, to the Galilee and down to the Negev. Whether you’ve never been to Israel or are have visited many times before, you’ll have a chance to visit places and gain perspectives that you have NEVER seen before!  You’ll visit all the essential tourist attractions as well as many places off the beaten track.  A healthy mix of jeeping, camel rides, sunrise hikes make the touring an exciting and FUN part of the program.  Check out the itinerary and a list of highlights here.